Quality Assurance Testing is an integral part of software design. We believe in testing early and often throughout the software development cycle. The more we test, the less likely a bug is found in production. We develop test procedures for Functional Testing, System Testing, and Security Testing. We use automated testing when possible, leveraging open source tools like Selenium for web application testing and built-in unit testing libraries that are common to modern frameworks. We also use Test Driven Development on some projects, ensuring testing from the ground up.


We develop software applications and tools to automate your processes and simplify your work. We believe software should make your job easier, not more complicated. We believe in designing simple interfaces that are intuitive and straightforward. We develop in modern frameworks that take advantage of common functionality that is baked in, allowing us to focus on the custom part of your software. We follow the Agile development methodology, keeping our customer fully engaged throughout the software development life cycle. This keeps our vision of what the software should do in line with our customer's vision. We use proven open source solutions, utilizing code that has been vetted and tested while keeping license costs to a minimum.


We recognize the importance of mission data; we design and maintain databases to ensure mission data is readily available, fast, and protected. Our design principles keep data normalized and simple with complexity applied only where it is necessary. We enforce database integrity and security as a rule. Database clustering and replication for failover and redundancy are also implemented as needed. We take pride in providing regular performance tuning so you can count on fast and reliable data when you need it.


We integrate critical software applications and systems that matter to you most. We develop an integration plan and strategy that leverages best practices and proven technologies. We leverage popular frameworks like REST to ensure data is available in a format that is universally understood. We can automate installs, to ensure consistent and successful software installations. We can evaluate and test third party software libraries / applications to recommend the right solutions. We also perform data migration, moving legacy data into the current technologies.


We provide Systems Solutions to set up the most cost-effective and practical architecture to meet your specific needs. We provide systems architecture design / layout customized to your business process. We have setup mixed environments with Windows, Linux, and Apple products. We have a breadth of experience designing and supporting complex systems using sound design concepts and best practices. We use automated scripts to take care of common system administration tasks from backups to updating software, ensuring they are done frequently and consistently. We focus on a solution that meets your needs for today, allowing for expansion for the future. This ensures a cost-effective solution that meets your current needs, while still allowing for growth.


We provide the leadership and organization to keep your IT projects within cost and schedule parameters. We follow the Agile Methodology, which keeps the customer engaged throughout the life of the project. We ensure requirements are gathered and interpreted correctly, making sure our product meets expectations. We use the scrum methodology to keep everyone on the same page and focused on the end goal. When issues arise, we communicate them quickly and find solutions or compromises collectively. Managing the project is a team effort, and we make sure everyone involved is aware of the progress and issues, keeping expectations in sync with reality.