Founded by subject matter experts turned entrepreneurs with decades of experience providing technology-driven solutions in service of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Advanced Computer Support, Inc. (ACS-i) was initially established because of a need for a company offering Operational Information Technology (IT) support that believes in honest and realistic solutions. In over a decade of successful partnerships, we have grown and expanded our offerings of customized IT services, but we remain true to the principles that we opened our doors with: to provide honest IT solutions and put our customers first!


ACS-i is a small software company delivering big solutions in IT. We pride ourselves in providing personal attention to your needs and harnessing a longstanding relationship that allow us to build the right solutions together. Our commitment to our customer success is backed by each individual that comprise our team of diverse IT professionals with decades of specialized experience. We are dedicated to taking care of our team as they are the force that will continue to propel ACS-i to continued success.



Jeff deGuzman is the co-founder, President, CEO and co-owner of ACS-i; a small software company delivering valuable Information Technology (IT) solutions to thousands of users worldwide. Jeff is an entrepreneur and engineer that has spent over two decades working in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, both while serving in the United States Army and as an employee for both small and large companies. As President and CEO, Jeff is dedicated to overseeing strategic direction of ACS-i. The breadth of his technology industry expertise makes him a subject matter expert for our customer-base and a natural leader for our team of hand selected, talented, and empowered professionals. Jeff leads by example and fosters a collaborative work environment that sets ACS-i apart from the rest; creating an organizational culture that is a haven for IT professionals seeking to develop their maximum potential.

Armed with a focus on the technologies and strategies used with IT solutions and a vision, Jeff has leveraged his extensive industry experience, apt for technology, and passion for the mission of our customers to set the stage for a company that delivers effective and affordable solutions that stand the test of time in an operational environment. Jeff takes pride in suiting customer needs with the right technology – avoiding too complex / costly solutions; focusing on value and offering honest solutions that are both maintainable and scalable with the ever-evolving advances in technology. Jeff has spearheaded a myriad of software development efforts and successful product releases through every phase of a software development life cycle; from requirements gathering and analysis through maintenance.


Jason Recker is the co-founder, Senior Vice President, COO, and co-owner of ACS-i. Jason is an entrepreneur and subject matter expert with over two decades of experience working in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, both while serving in the United States Army and as an employee with companies large and small. His extensive industry experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven solutions, providing outstanding customer service, and driving profitable revenue growth.

Jason has set the foundation for ACS-i's longstanding relationships with its customers and propelled ACS-i through over a decade of successful business partnerships, delivering value and solutions that are used by thousands of users every day, worldwide. Jason puts customer needs first not just to ensure we are delivering the best possible product that is used in an operational environment, but also to solidify a lasting relationship that facilitates trust in our ability to scale existing products or provide new solutions as customer needs and technology evolve. With a shared vision for ACS-i and unwavering work ethic, Jason has pioneered a multitude of projects and successful product releases while nurturing an organizational culture that remains true to the philosophy ACS-i was built upon.